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Who We Are

Constantine Design Group, Inc. (“CDG”) is the residential architecture studio of W. Lee Constantine, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, since 1995.

CDG has assisted over 225 clients with unique custom home designs, residential remodels, home additions, kitchen remodels, master bedroom suite additions, in-law quarters additions, home office/workshops, basement remodels, insulated-concrete form home designs, energy efficiency home improvements, custom vacation homes, custom retirement homes, space planning design solutions and other interior design and architectural needs.

What is a residential architecture studio

You may be asking, “What is a residential architecture studio”?  Simply stated, architecture is the profession of studying the needs of a particular building and its occupant(s), designing a solution that meets those needs, and ultimately, communicating that solution in a way that facilitates the completion of its construction.  Residential architecture specifically focuses on those buildings we call “home” and the needs of those who reside in them.

The term “studio” refers to a workplace of artisans –  rather small in scale – as opposed to a large corporation.  As an Architect, I consider myself an artisan.   I combine my knowledge of the science of construction with the art of architecture.  The science of construction includes the tangible things like: structure, construction materials, sequence of construction, building systems, the cost of construction, life-span and environmental impact to name a few.

The art of architecture includes the less tangible things like: scale, proportion, rhythm, emotion, beauty, spatial relationships (sometimes referred to as “flow”) and the creation of a sense of “space”.

Residential Architecture

My focus is on residential architecture, those places we all call “home”.  My goal is simple.  I’m a problem-solver.  Through creativity, knowledge and experience, I strive to help my clients: identify their particular architectural problem(s), develop architectural solutions that remedy the problem(s) in a creative way, assist them with assessing each architectural solution, and finally, helping them achieve the completed construction of the chosen architectural solution.

Constantine Design Group has assisted over 225 clients in the Indianapolis area with unique custom-home designs, remodels, additions, space planning solutions as well as interior design needs.

Lee was great – spent a lot of time with us, asking questions and having us think about items we should consider before proceeding with any work. We decided not to invest in the renovations in our home, but will definitely contact Lee if we ever have a need.

— A.P., September, 2010